Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wed 14 Nov - Kalkite NSW

Lazy long morning, which means not being on the road until 9.30am or so.
We had decided to go into Snowy Mountains National Park for a hike, but we were still undecided on which one as Di felt that she had to ease into any of the longer hikes.
Along the way, we decide to hike towards Bob's Ridge which forms part of the Cascade Trail, a 10km return hike. The board below shows some of the trail, with huts dotted along the trail on a regular basis.
The beginning of the trail...
Great views back over Ramshead range of Thredbo.
Di climbed a bit further but was having problems with her calf muscles so chose to return back to the beginning and then to extend her walk by walking the track along Thredbo River back to Thredbo, leaving Hans the van at the parking area at the start of the Cascade trail.
Hans decided to continue to Cascade Hut and back, a stretch of 20km. Hans did this hike with Holger back in 2010, and it is a fantastic hike.
Arrangements to meet back in Thredbo were made and then we both headed off on our own. No risk through. The trails here are very clear to follow.
Bob's Ridge is some 5km into the trail, but it is not really much there, including no real views.
The valleys, of course, are dotted with creeks and rivers.
Pretty much on the 10km dot, one arrives at the Cascade Hut.
The hut is pretty well equipped, sleeps perhaps 4 people up on a platform with quite a bit equipment left by previous hikers.
We never saw wild brumbies but there was plenty of evidence of them...
A couple of final pictures from along the Cascade Trail.
The walk to and from the Cascade Hut took around 5 hours, and by 4pm or so, we meet outside the pub in Thredbo to go back to Kalkite.
After a very nice shower, we enjoy some cheese and biscuits before dinner, which is Burritos (and wine).
By 9.30pm-10pm, we are all exhausted and it is bedtime.

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