Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sun 11 Nov - Griffith NSW

Sunday morning view from the balcony in the common area. A bit quieter now...

After yet more food, cooked breakfast with all the rest, we walk down to Canal St, which runs next to the... canal, as that takes us to the Sunday markets. The markets are in a barn next to Mackay's furniture store.

Coffee is provided by... Mrs Bean.
Oranges were on sale... of course.

You would be a cruel friend buying this drum set to a friend's kid...
There were some drama at the market as this little girl wanted to have a go...
After pondering the markets for a while, buying some cherries, almond bread and small Buddha figure which was just made for travelling to provide good luck, we set off for the Hermit's Cave.
The Hermit's Cave is up on a hill called Scenic Hill northeast of town and is about..., well, you can read it here. Fascinating story.
Over several years, the Hermit built a small community for himself. Today, you need pointers to see the remains.
View from the Hermit's Cave, although during his time, this would have been pretty empty.
The kitchen. You can see the fireplace to the right.
There were a multitude of these caves. Of course, today the local kids use these for.... whatever, including for graffiti.
Apparently, some of these rock walls that the Hermit built were 2 meters high. Not so high today, but still there in many places.
We walk back down the hill, through the local oval where to our satisfaction, most of the kids are practicing football, that is real football.
Further along towards the town centre, we walk through the local cemetery, to see if "Aussie Bob" Robert Trimbole is buried here. He wasn't, but we did find a few Trimbole/Trimboli family members buried there.
Griffith being a town with such an Italian heritage (apparently, 60% of the population can claim that), some of the monuments at the cemetery were both many and just... huge.
After a quick snack and drink at Red Rooster (sad, yep), we walked back to Hotel Victoria for a quick break, then off in the campervan for wine tasting. Well, wine tasting for Di as Hans was driving today and giving it a break until... tonight.
First DeBortoli winery northeast of town. A nice building both outside and inside.
Di tasted a wide array of wines and bought 2 bottles.
Then back to town for a coffee break at Dolce Dolce, a very nice coffee shop in an old art-deco building with 3 different shops, almost next door to La Scala were we went last night for dinner.
Strong cafe latte for Hans...
... and an ice coffee for Di. Great place and karma.
After our coffee break at Dolce Dolce, we set off to West End winery at the other end of town.
Yep, Di did try wines from all of the bottles below...
Time to photograph some orange groves... There were generally not that many oranges left on the trees so we thought that the peak picking season may have already passed.
This tractor made a good addition to the groves.
Some orange groves were doing better than others, and this place had a lot of oranges discarded on the ground.
Big day, so we then head back to the ranch for some rest (and blogging) before dinner.
Indian for dinner, 99 Spices. A nice selection of tandoori chicken for entre, prawn tikka misala and a vegetarian curry for main. And, of course, garlic naan. All good.

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