Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sun 18 Nov - Narooma NSW

Sunday and time to move on to our final destination (before heading back home) which is Narooma on the coast.

We have borrowed our dear neighbors Jim and Michel's flat there and we were planning to stay until Thursday.

We wake up to another beautiful morning in Kalkite, but the Narooma forecast for the week is not so great, with some form of showers every day that we are planning to be there. Oh well, we have been very lucky with the weather so far on this trip.

Just before 9am, we are all packed up, we thank Anke and Holger for their very kind hospitality and we are on our way.

A pit stop in Cooma for diesel and food at Aldi, and then east on Monaro Highway to the coast and Princess Highway just north of Bega. As we then travel north towards Narooma, we can see the dark clouds coming closer and closer, although there were only a few drops of rain hitting the car as we travelled.

Before we "check in" at Sheraton Court, unit number 8, in Narooma, we stop for a seafood lunch at Taylor's down by the estuary. Lots of parked cars and vans were there by the water, so we figured that there must be some event on. Anyway, we had OK fish and seafood at a picnic table there by the water, but we felt short changed on the chips (first time ever?) We did remember Taylor's as being much better last time we were here. Time to try another place?

We were very lucky with the weather. As we were moving in our gear to Jim and Michel's unit, there were only a few spits of rain. We had barely made ourselves at home with a cuppa before the thunder and the bucketing of rain started, coming down good. It will be a quiet "stay at home" Sunday afternoon for now.

The rainy outlook from the back, looking east...

Well, checking the weather online later on, there are rain, hail and wind warnings for the south coast, all the way from Batemans Bay down to Merimbula and beyond. "Large hail" had been reported in Bega, strong winds on Montague Island, which is just off the coast from Narooma. We will stay in and have some soup...
Not much of a photography day, so here are some pics from inside the unit of the combined living room and kitchen...
Well, we had pre dinner drinks (Tiger beer and white wine), dinner (Bega Pasta) and some more wine.
After dinner, Di retired to read her book and, as the rain had now stopped and it had cleared a bit, Hans took a wander towards the centre of Narooma.
It was an absolutely stunning evening, cool and crisp air, but with almost nobody out and about. Pity that Hans didn't bring the camera. He went down to where the boats go out for whale watching, deep water fishing and to Montegue Island and checked out a few restaurants and take away places. All good.
Back to the flat after an hour or so to wind down with a movie on the ipad before bedtime...Di still reading and loving it!

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