Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sat 17 Nov - Kalkite NSW

A much quieter day after yesterday's all happenings. We both needed that.

A lazy and late breakfast with Holger cooking his famous bacon and eggs. Very nice.

After breakfast, we took the campervan down to Jindabyne, parked it outside the bowling club, and wandered along the foreshore a bit. We were amazed yet again on how high the waterline is, much more noticeable when you are down by the water.

After a while, we wandered back and up to Nuggets Crossing for a cuppa at the lolly shop (according to Holger, they have the best coffee in Jindabyne... Hmm, it was OK and it was popular with Saturday morning shoppers, but it would just be another average coffee shop in Sydney).
After that, we walked back to the camper van and passed the statue of Edmund Strzelecki. What a guy...

We then drove to Woolies, where we picked up a picnic lunch, seafood and coleslaw salad and buffalo chicken wings and then drove off to Thredbo River near Sawpit Creek to have our lunch.
There were a bunch of middle aged gentlemen fishing there by the river, one looked almost like he stepped out of a fishing gear magazine as he had all the gear on him and all of it looked brand new. Note that this is middle of the day and way downstream, in clear and busy water, so we were wondering what kind of fish he expected to catch. We thought that this guy had to be German...

Back then to the ranch for a lazy afternoon and evening.

Indian feast as Di cooks up a Chicken Tikka Missala dinner.

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