Friday, November 9, 2012

Fri 9 Nov - Barham NSW

Showers were forecast for the Grampians for today, so we decided to move on. After a final chat with Ken and Katie, we were on our way to Halls Gap and out of Grampians through the northeast.

We stopped for a coffee break in St Arnaud, named after a French Marshal during the Crimean War. Why? Well, despite picking up a pamphlet called "What is the connection between the historical town St. ARnoud and a French General?", we are none the wiser.

Furthermore, the good Marshal "had problems with gambling, women and wine and was hounded from Paris by his creditors".

Another giggle, the old Crown Lands Office, now the Visitors Centre, had this sign outside. The orginial building was described as "rather squat but not unhandsome". A bit of a backhanded compliment!

On to Mount Wycheproof, which is apparently the "world's smallest mountain" according to the spiel and they are making a big deal out of the fact that it is the only blip on an otherwise very flat landscape (rising a total of 43 metres above the town).

The view from the top of this "mountain"...

After picnic lunch at the world's smallest mountain, and a subsequent strenuous climb to its summit, we continued driving northeast through flat flat land to Kerang.

Kerang is another lovely little town with a great new library, where part of the donations came from the library cat (1990-2000). Great free and speedy wifi so we were able to update our blog from the last couple of days in the Grampians, where no such modernities existed.

Kerang is very close to the Victorian / NSW border and we drove a little bit further to the dual bordertowns of Koondrook and Barham on either side of the Murray river. The camping ground at Koondrook did not excite us so we drove across the border bridge and found a great camping ground and site on the Murray in Barham. In fact, our campervan is backed up about 2 meters from the edge of the river. Great spot.

After some wine and snacks riverside, and some washing, dinner is hoisin chicken stir fry, cooked to perfection.... again. Then, well, a bit more wine...
Later during the blue hour, we wander around the campsite with our wineglasses in hand. The flood damage from 2010 / 2011 is very visible on the sides of the Murray. The campsite owners have constantly been watering the grass and only now some of it is returning. Apparently, the water went up so far that the ground under our campervan would have been under water then.
What you see below was all under water. Picture taken from our campervan.
Good night.


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