Monday, November 19, 2012

Mon 19 Nov - Narooma NSW

We woke up to ferocious weather. Strong wind, horizontal rain. We were not going anywhere for a while.

At around 9am, the weather situation had improved somewhat, and we decided to brave the elements. Di wanted to do the Mill Bay Boardwalk at the other side of the Narooma bridge, so we strolled there from the flat via the waterfront and the small boat harbour.

Some views from Narooma Bridge...

No stingrays or seals found in the water today. Perhaps, the water was too choppy and regardless, there was no fisherman in sight.
At the end of the boardwalk, there is some artistry going on at the local toilet block...
On the way back from Mill Bay Boardwalk, we popped into the fresh fish and seafood place by the bridge and bought some Crystal Bay prawns and whole breams for lunch and for dinner (the benefit of being back on the NSW south coast - Yum).
The weather could not decide whether it should rain and be windy or provide some sunshine, but...not matter sun or rain it's still windy.
So, time for a cuppa, and instead of our usual fav, Narooma Bakery, we popped into the place on the corner, which looked very popular this wet and windy Monday morning. The coffee was among the best in this trip and their home baked banana and walnut muffin was really yummy.

Then off to the National Park and Wildlife Services office between the Main Street and the bay, to pick up some hiking suggestions. Hans then decided to pop into Narooma library to utilise their NOT free wifi ($2 per 30 mins, oh well...). Di went back to the flat to catch up on her reading.

After prawns for lunch and pottering around the flat doing admin things for a while, we decided to brave the elements once more and went out, but the other way, southeast, towards the golf course. A beautiful part of Narooma, the golf course itself is surrounded by the sea, creeks and ponds; water everywhere.

We then ventured out on the rugged and windswept beach near Narooma Surf Clib, and took a few photos in the process...

As we wandered across the golf course, we decided that a drink at the golf club wouldn't go astray, so we went in and had a gin and tonic (Di) and a schooner of Blonde (Hans).
After having refreshed ourselves, we went back to the flat and Di decided that a bath is now in order, while Hans voted for a Tiger beer. All good.
Dinner was back in the flat for whole fried local fish (sea bream) and vegies.

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