Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tue 23 Oct - Flinders Ranges SA

A transit day with about 250km to drive from Jamestown to Wilpena Pound Resort within Flinders Ranges National Park. WPR is a combined resort and camping ground within the national park.

We decided to take our time in the morning, starting with breakfast at the Jamestown bakery and then 2 hours at the community library for free wifi to blog. Also topped up on groceries.

On the way at 11am. Relatively uneventful drive and we arrive at Wilpena Pound Resort just after 2.30. It's large, and Resort is an apt description of a national park which includes motel, bar, restaurant and pool! Emus and Roos here are very used to humans but signs everywhere discourage contact and feeding them.

The camping location is lovely with lots of sites. After setting up we wander, do a bit of reading about walks, buy a couple of ice cold Corona (no lime available, lemon was, so that had to do) and ice at the resort store and have a relaxing evening.

Sorry no blogging at Wilpena Pound Resort. Yes they have Internet and wifi here, but at $10 an hour it is too much to pay (are we tightfisted?)

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