Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sun 14 Oct - Broken Hill NSW

Today, we decided to check out some of the attractions just outside Broken Hill.

First, Daydream Silver mine, an old mine some 25km northwest of Broken Hill. They have an underground tour on offer, which sounded really interesting, so we drove there through a landscape of nothingness.
We arrived at their "tourist office" which looked like this:

Hans waiting for the tour to start:

Di goes underground:

And so does Hans:
Too easy...
Then off to Silverton, an old ghost town, older than Broken Hill, and location for lots of movies and commercials, including Mad Max 2. Silverton is also west northwest of Broken Hill and not that far from the South Australian border.
The buildings left standing were mostly very beautiful and the place truly had a ghost town feeling to it. Nowadays, apparently home to some 60 people, mostly artists or involved in the tourist trade.
There is also, not unsurprisingly, a Mad Max 2 museum in Silverton.
Silverton Hotel is a classic...
We just had to have a drink there and a meal and Hans had... fish and chips, which was perfectly fine. Di had a Chiko roll to get the true Aussie pub feel.
We decided than to drive back to town for an afternoon cuppa at Broken Earth Cafe at the top of the line of lode. Magnificent views of Broken Hill and a very interesting building too, precariously close to the ridge of this man made hill from mining rubble. The mines are right in town and probably run under it too.
Enough touristing for one day. Back to the ranch for a simple dinner of some cold ham and coleslaw salad which was perfectly fine given that it was a warm, warm day.
We did our first load of washing which also went OK.
Dark fell, and we went to bed. When camping it makes sense to rise with the sun and retire with the sun. No alcohol for the 2nd night in a row. We really have to improve on this - we expect to stock up in South Australia!


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