Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thu 25 Oct - Flinders Ranges SA

An overcast day and quite cool makes it perfect for our 19km hike to Bridle Gap at the south western edge of the national park and the Pound. This track is part of the Heysen trail.

We head off at 8am and its definitely crisp - we keep our hands in our pockets for at least the first hour. Lovely morning despite no sun. Lots of Roos and emus as usual.

The walk starts with the same initial 3km to Hills Homestead then breaks off to the south west.

It's flat for most of the way and shows evidence of past farming with some large cleared areas.

Just us on the track the whole way - great to have the place to yourself!

We stop for our regular morning apple snack but seating is at a premium with only a termite eaten log. Still handy to give the legs a break.

About 1.4km from the gap the track starts a gradual rise. We both find it easy going and very well marked.

The gap provides great views of the next ranges. Very dramatic with clear layering of different rock types creating horizontal lines throughout. Photos and more snacks.

Of course it also needs a Facebook update as we have phone signal here.
Our return trip is pretty quick and on the way down you can see most of the Pound. It's a good walk and gives a different perspective of the area.

Back to camp by 1.20pm for a rest and late egg and bacon lunch.
After coffee and checking our photos at the cafe we try to get more information at the Visitors Centre about the geology and history of this area. Not much available - lots of photos books or else what appear to be textbooks.

A bit of light drizzle means we move our dinner arrangements to a camp kitchen area - carrying all our equipment with us. Was a nice change and made sense when the drizzle continued on and off for the next hour. We sat with our red wine and nice meal in comfort.

It's cold so we choose to go into the camper by 8pm and read a bit before sleeping well.

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